Occupancy in E-SURGE

Welcome to the 'Occupancy in E-SURGE' project. This is the Wiki page associated to the our paper Fitting occupancy models with E-SURGE: hidden Markov modelling of presence-absence data published in 2014 in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

You will find here the ingredients to implement various occupancy models in program E-SURGE. We recommend you check Choquet (2008), Choquet et al. (2009) and the user's manual if you have any questions. Also, there's a FAQ site here. Otherwise, just email us.

To install E-SURGE 1.9.1, go here and follow the instructions.

  • occupancy models with species misidentification (aka false positive errors)
    • single- and multiple-season models, with random effects here
  • published examples of occupancy models fitted in E-SURGE (check out the appendices for E-SURGE details)
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