Further Capabilities And Future Extensions
  • Further capabilities (examples to come)

- Model integrating habitat and species occupancy dynamics (e.g. (MacKenzie et al. 2011))
- Prediction of unobserved state via Viterbi (Fiske, Royle, & Gross 2013) using the R package HMM (http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/HMM/HMM.pdf).
- Missing data: the appropriate detection probabilities need to be fixed to 1 in IVFV.
- Get SEs and confidence intervals for derived parameters (e.g., (occupancy, growth rate and turnover in dynamic models); use the delta-method as implemented in the R package msm for example (http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/msm/msm.pdf), or resort to non-parametric bootstrap in E-SURGE.
- Trap-dependence: use a site- and survey-specific covariate with value 1 for all surveys after first detection at a site, and 0 otherwise.
- Time-specific covariates applied to colonisation-extinction probabilities.

  • Future extensions

- Removal occupancy design (Mackenzie & Royle 2005); use censorship in the Headed format?
- Spatial autocorrelation (Hines et al. 2010) and second-order Markov chain in occupancy (Green, Bailey, & Nichols 2011); using similar ideas to the capture-recapture memory model (Rouan, Choquet, & Pradel 2009).
- Royle-Nichols model (Royle & Nichols 2003).

  • References

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